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Meeting Type: GC Meeting - January 2019
Location: ATDA Campus
Date: 1/15/2019 5:30:00 PM

Albuquerque Talent Development

Governing Council Meeting Minutes


Albuquerque Talent Development Academy (ATDA) Governing Council Members Present:

Brian Jones, President; Jose Scott, Secretary; Rommie Compher, Member; Lara Honeycutt, Member; JD Juerling, Member


Others Present: Gloria Garza, Principal; Lucinda Montano-Molina, Assistant Principal


5:32 p.m. Call to Order: Brian Jones

Pledge of Allegiance


Approval of Agenda: Motion to Approve- R. Compher; Motion Seconded-J. Scott;

Motion unanimously approved


Approval of the 12/11/18 Governing Council Minutes: Motion to Approve-J. Scott;

Motion Seconded-R. Compher; Motion unanimously approved.


Public Input: None


Action Items: None


Financial Information Items: - Presented by Whitney Galindo on 1/14/19


BARS: # 001-016-1819-0012-IB; Motion to Approve-R. Compher; Motion Seconded-J. Scott; Motion unanimously approved.



Payroll & Accounts Payable Vouchers: Motion to Approve- R. Compher; Motion Seconded-J. Scott; Motion unanimously approved.


Warrants over $5,000.00: Motion to Approve-R. Compher; Motion Seconded-J. Scott; Motion unanimously approved


Bank Reconciliation; Motion to Approve- R. Compher; Motion Seconded-J. Scott; Motion unanimously approved.


2019-2020 School Calendar; Motion to Approve-J. Scott; Motion Seconded-R. Compher; Motion unanimously approved




Personnel Actions: None

Staff and Committee Briefings:

Happy New Year!

Our enrollment is 165 students. APS just sent out report cards to their students so we will probably enroll more after this week.


We have one teacher Ms. Smith, out on maternity leave until March 1st and have hired a long term substitute, Justin Aderhold, but did not show up on scheduled date. We have hired another substitute. We have also replaced the teacher for the Science position that was open before Thanksgiving Break. Dr.Fazio did not work out in the three weeks that he was here. I have hired Matthew King who has Bachelors in Bio Chemistry and is pursuing his alternative license as well. He is in his first year for Masters in Chemistry (MS/BS advanced placement program.)


We were vandalized on Tuesday night. Several motion sensor lights were taken off and a camera. I called Mr. Saylor and his repairman but he was not able to come out to install a camera. A hole was cut out in the back fence near the walkway so we assume they may have entered through there. I did hire a security guard for the night because Mr. Saylor and I felt like we are being set up for more damage or something worse without lights and a camera working. Lights were installed. Camera man came in on Friday. A police report was filed. Insurance company will be notified. New teacher set off alarm, accidentally, on Sunday. The alarm company will contact the police, but they will not come to the school.


NWEA our short cycle assessments will begin the week of January 14th. All grade levels will take this test. PARCC has been taken away, but an assessment will be given-less time and less days.


On January 29th the seniors will be going on a field trip to tour CNM. CNM will come on February 5th to ATDA to register our students. On the way back from CNM the bus will take the seniors to the Hispanic Cultural Center and they will be given a tour of the auditorium and the facilities available to them on their graduation date. We hope to give them a reality check so they can work hard and graduate.


One half of our Juniors will be attending a Junior Achievement Presentation on January 24th and the other half on the 31st. Juniors will then go on a field trip to will be on February 7th and 14th to see the job site and experience a professional interview etc.(Junior Achievement USA is committed to developing and implementing vital and innovative programs. JA Job Shadow prepares students to be entrepreneurial thinkers in their approach to work. Students will acquire and apply the skills needed in demanding and ever-changing workplaces JA Job Shadow is an interdisciplinary program that supports the attainment of academic standards in work readiness, with a secondary focus on social studies, business, reading, and writing. The hallmark of JA Job Shadow is a visit for students to a professional work environment. The program consists of four segments: two in-class sessions held prior to a site visit; the four- to five-hour site visit; and one in-class session after the visit. Although the program has been developed for high school students, middle school students may participate. It introduces students to professions and industries, while demonstrating the importance of professionalism in getting a job and developing a career.


Our basketball team is doing great! Our record is 6-2 and have several games this month.

Our Qualitative APS Site visit went well. Ms. Molina, Mr. Davis and I just sat down and had a conversation with Dr. Escobedo for about an hour about what is going on at ATDA and future plans.


Our Quantitative APS Site visit was schedule for January 29th but was rescheduled for January 22 at 9:00 a.m to 11:00 p.m. I have asked for a change of time to 2:00 pm or another date due the senior CNM/Hispanic Cultural Center field trip. I would like to be at the auditorium to speak to the seniors when they arrive and lead their tour.


Mrs. Garz reviewed forms for Site Visit.


Mr. Scott provided documentation to be used for GC professional development-NM Inspection of Public Records Act and Open Meetings Act.


The GC document portion for the site visit is in your folder and has been emailed to you.

Winter Ball will be on January 24th at the Albuquerque Party Space 7-10 pm.


R. Compher made a motion to nominate B. Jones as President for GC board; Motion Seconded-J. Scott; Motion unanimously approved


R. Compher made a motion to nominate herself as Vice-President; Motion Seconded-J. Scott; Motion unanimously approved.


R. Compher made a motion to nominate J. Scott as Secretary; Motion Seconded-J. Scott; Motion unanimously approved


Discussion of dates when GC trainings are held.


Additional Final Action Items: None


Executive Closed Session: None


Scheduling of Next ATDA Governing Council Meeting: Motion to Approve next GC meeting on 2/12/19 @6:00 p.m. Motion to Approve – R. Compher; Motion Seconded- J. Scott; Motion unanimously approved.


6:32 p.m. Motion to Adjourn-R. Compher; Motion Seconded- L. Honeycutt; Motion unanimously approved.